AZC Unveils Plans for a Giant Inflatable Trampoline Bridge in Paris

There are plenty of beautiful bridges that carry cars and pedestrians across the Seine River in Paris, so awesome design firm AZC has another idea in store. Why not create a bridge dedicated to fun? Their inflatable crosswalk features enormous trampolines in the center of each of the three rings for people to bounce and flip their way over the water. With their eyes set on a strip near the Bir-Hakeim bridge, AZCwants their blow-up bridge to be a place where anyone can engage with their surroundings, and experience Paris like never before.

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Good Guys, Bad Guys and Spies, All Wrapped in ‘Edutainment’

WASHINGTON — “If I told you what secret documents I had in my briefcase,” I said in response to a jocular inquiry from a fellow visitor at the International Spy Museum here this week, “I’d have to kill you.” And if I did that, I added silently, I might end up in a homicide exhibit at the National Museum of Crime & Punishment, which opened in May a few blocks away. After spending a morning there, I wasn’t sure I was ready to return.
It isn’t that the new crime museum isn’t worth seeing. Its 28,000 square feet contain a Who’s Who of history’s bad guys — pirates, gangsters, bank robbers, serial killers — encompassing Blackbeard, Lucky Luciano, Jesse James and John Wayne Gacy. It features punishments like the colonial-era pillory (a model offers the requisite photo op for adventurous heads and hands), as well as the Tennessee electric chair affectionately nicknamed Old Smokey that was responsible for 125 executions. (No comparable photo op is offered.) And its law enforcement artifacts range from an 1862 Colt police revolver to a wax figure of J. Edgar Hoover.

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