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Spotted in the mall parking structure


August 23, 2007 5:45 PM Since I’ve taken up walking in the mall recently to beat the extreme heat here in Phoenix, my found object collection has been limited pretty much to observed objects. Here’s a sketch of a license plate spotted as I headed home after my “daily constitutional”.

‘Seek and ye shall find’ by John Drury

Reflections on the ups and downs of life.

John R. Drury7/30/2007 10:11 AM Last night, as I was moving about the kitchen, my bad knee suddenly just went south on me. Excruciatingly sharp pain shot through it and when I bend a certain way it repeats that pain. Calling the ortho doc this morning. Hate to think of the prospect of surgery for knee replacement, but can’t go on like this. Walking is my salvation.

7/31/2007 9:37 PM Probably a piece of cartilage loose and the buckling from muscle spasm associated with the loose piece moving in where it shouldn’t be. He gave me a cortisone shot. Depending on how things go for the next couple weeks he said next thing would be to scope it. He wants to delay the major deal (replacement) as long as possible. → continue reading