Water is the star at Oasis A-Z!

Water is the star at Oasis AZ!

Water is the star at Oasis AZ!

Water is the star at Oasis AZ. Part theme park, water park, science museum, kid-space, research lab, natural history museum, classroom, theater — here is a theme park that’s fun and exciting, yet challenging, inspiring and educational. It’s an absolute must see for friends and relatives visiting from other places and a regular field trip site for the Phoenix metropolitan school system. Water is one of the most powerful forces in nature. Oasis AZ harnesses that power, and literally immerses the public in the wonder of it all.

Everything about this place is GREEN.

Oasis AZ is environmentally friendly, using state-of-the-art methods and materials. Our watchwords in the design and construction process are environmental sustainability, efficient use of water and energy, and the utilization of recycled materials wherever possible.

Sustainable processes are in the dna of this project — from the way the complex is designed and built, the building materials utilized, the energy and water systems employed, the way refuse is handled, the way water is created and treated. The park is supplied by its own state-of-the-art water works that uses all the most advanced non-polluting processes for enhancing our existing water supply, from desalinization to generating water from the air. It not only doesn’t remove fresh water from the environment, it restores it.

The covered and shaded areas of the park are all utilized to support solar energy collection panels.Wind turbines are employed to capture the powerful gusts that blow through on a fairly regular basis, and then convert them to electrical energy. Kinetic art pieces placed throughout the park are driven by the energy obtained from these systems.

These ideals are celebrated in story, show and attraction:

  • Fact-based
  • History-based
  • Environment-based
  • Fun-based
  • Thrill-based
  • Community-based

The park is a microcosm of the world water cycle. We are creating a self-sustaining almost closed system in which water comes in and is recycled. Any excess is used to create green belts. Oasis AZ has its own micro-climate that changes. This is a known phenomenon for large enclosed spaces, such as aircraft assembly hangers, in which it often spontaneously rains. It’s not entirely closed but connected with the outside in many ways. The air is cooled and humidified by the various water currents, such as the flumes and kinetic sculptures and games like the water cannon.

Oasis A-Z will be powered by many types of sustainable energy resources. It will showcase entrepreneurial efforts to invent new methods of energy production that do not rely on the use of carbon-based materials. We are attempting to construct the closest thing possible to a perpetual motion machine. People make up for the entropy factor by contributing their energy in return for receiving the benefits.

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